• Men Making Changes
    Men Making Changes is for men who want to become the partners and fathers they aspire to be, and that their families long for them to be.
    Through stories, information, strategies, exercises and insightful questions, men will have the tools to change harmful behaviour patterns.
    The stories of 30 New Zealand men who have changed their harmful behaviour provide insights and guidance. A practical book for men to create lasting change.
    NZ$ 30.00
  • Invisible Wounds: A Guide for Women in Abusive Relationships
    Since it was first published, this compassionate and practical self-help guide by Kay Douglas has helped thousands of women suffering from verbal, emotional or physical abuse. With powerful interviews from 50 women Invisible Wounds puts into words the confusion and distress of abuse by a partner, explores the impact and offers practical suggestions about how to address the issue...
    NZ$ 35.00
  • Invisible Wounds Workbook
    The Invisible Wounds Workbook is a strength-based guide for women in hurtful relationships, and for those who care about them. It is written as a companion to Invisible Wounds.

    The workbook features informative checklists, thought-provoking questions, practical strategies and encouraging words help women to evaluate their situation, take steps to strengthen themselves and regain control over their own lives.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Challenged by Childhood: Healing the Hidden Hurts of a Difficult Childhood
    Ideally childhood memories shouldn't hurt, but for some of us they do. Not only does remembering childhood feel bad but the impact of those troubled times continues to disturb, inhibit, shame or otherwise play havoc with our lives.

    This New Zealand book by Kay Douglas offers encouragement, comfort and guidance to those with the legacy of a difficult childhood.
    NZ$ 25.00
  • Living Life Out Loud: 22 Inspiring New Zealand Women Share their Wisdom

    Living Life Out Loud by Kay Douglas is a positive and inspiring read, combining fascinating first-hand accounts from some of New Zealand's most loved and respected women with practical, uplifting information about the achievement of dreams.

    Kay Douglas has interviewed 22 New Zealand women - to learn how they achieved their success. Their stories are sometimes incredibly personal and honest and, as a result, are often inspirational. Their journeys are both inward and outward, and it is surprising how often a spiritual theme emerges.
  • Power Games: Confronting Others' Hurtful Behaviour and Transforming Our Own

    This positive uplifting guide, by Kay Douglas and Dr Kim McGregor, has been written for women who feel caught in power games on either side. It is a book for those feeling powerless or bullied; for those who worry that they may be misusing their own power; and for those wanting to claim and express power with integrity.

    Power Games will help readers to achieve their aims while treating themselves and others with respect.